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 For the toughest questions in business, you are not alone 
 iBosses is here to help you find the right answers 
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 Is starting a new business right for me? 
 How do I get started? 
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 How do I get funding to grow business? 
 How do I replicate my business model? 
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 How much is my business worth? 
 Is my business ready for a merger or acquisition? 

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 What Mind Set and Skills Does My Child Needs To Thrive In The Digital Age? 
 Learn and start building a business together with your child 
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 Learn from successful bosses 

 Plug into our regional network to fire up your business 

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For the Toughest Questions in Business
You Are Not Alone


Building a business can be one of the most challenging yet most rewarding experiences in your life time.
Sometimes it gets lonely being the boss, but during the toughest times, you don’t have to be alone.
iBosses is here to lend a helping hand and work with you to get to your goals.


Regardless of which stage you’re at on your entrepreneurial journey, iBosses can provide you with the
system, platform and network to accelerate your growth and achieve success in this
digital age environment.


Our relationship starts with asking the right questions…



Are You an Aspiring Entrepreneur?

How do I commercialise my ideas?
How do I write an impactful business plan?
How do I effectively test the market?


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Are You the Boss of a Start-up?

How do I get more funding for my business?
How do I transform my business for the digital age?
How do I penetrate overseas markets?


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Are You the Owner of an Established SME?

How do I prepare my company for listing?

How do I cash out by selling my company?

How do I replicate my business model in other segments?


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