iBosses Pte Ltd | Entrepreneurship Maturity Model™
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Entrepreneurship Maturity Model™

The iBosses methodology is based on Dr Khor’s Entrepreneurship Maturity Model™, a systematic approach that identifies the eight stages of your business’ evolution.




Using this model, iBosses is able to evaluate your company’s stage of development and match the right program that can guide you to the next step of your business evolution and success.


We have identified gaps in the market and business industry, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to venture into.


Youth who are keen on becoming their own boss, working adults who seek novelty and to deviate from their mundane routines, senior citizens who wish for adventure even after retirement…there are multiple reasons why people advance into the career of an entrepreneur. However, not all of them have the skills and knowledge to succeed in entrepreneurship.


The iBosses’ Maturity Model supports nascent entrepreneurs by identifying the stages they are at with respect to their level of understanding in the field of entrepreneurship. Our consultants will evaluate them based on their existing ideas, skills and knowledge in their respective ventures to guide them onto their next step towards success. Our 8-Level iBosses Entrepreneurship Maturity Model™ ensures an efficient, adaptable and comprehensive approach for your startup.