iBosses Pte Ltd | Global Social Innovator’s Forum 2014
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Global Social Innovator’s Forum 2014

iBosses was invited to be the judge and mentor in the Global Social Innovator’s Forum 2014, organized by Social Innovator’s Park (SIP). Participants in the forum are required to come up with a feasible social enterprise business plan, which will then be presented to and evaluated by judges. If a proposal is well-received, the judges will voluntarily approach and offer a one year mentorship programme with the aspiring and promising entrepreneur.


iBosses was honoured to be one of the judges, together with Mr Benny Se-Teo, social entrepreneur for Eighteen Chefs, and Ms Penny Low, businesswoman and Member of Parliament for Pasir-Ris Punggol Group Representation Constituency. This event has been a fruitful and enjoyable one for iBosses, and we have gladly chosen 4 participants to be our mentees for a year.



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