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iBosses announces VIETNAM licensing agreement with VIIDC - iBosses Pte Ltd
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iBosses announces VIETNAM licensing agreement with VIIDC

iBosses Corporation Limited (ASX: IB8) (“iBosses”) is pleased to announce on behalf of its subsidiary iBosses Private Limited that it has signed an iBosses Licensing Agreement (“Agreement”) with VIIDC (“VIIDC”) to establish and market the iBosses Centre (“Centre”) for iBosses Products and Services within Vietnam.


The five year Agreement will see VIIDC working as iBosses’ appointed agent, helping to develop a Centre where iBosses’ internationally recognised Products and Services can be shared with budding entrepreneurs across the length and breadth of the Vietnam market from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City.


Commenting on the Agreement, Group Chief Executive Officer of iBosses, Dr Patrick Khor said:


“iBosses is dedicated to inspiring and leading potential entrepreneurs and is excited to be working with VIIDC to expand our reach and to bring this entrepreneurship development and training program to Vietnam, a country of around 95 million with a median age of 30 years. It is one of the most thriving market in South East Asia.


“VIIDC is an up and coming Vietnamese entity founded by 2 famous Vietnamese corporate heavyweights in their respective fields. We are confident in VIIDC’s ability to promote iBosses’ Products and Services in Vietnam and maintain the iBosses’ high quality and services standard, which we pride ourselves on.”


Commenting on working with iBosses, Mr Tang Ngoc Truong An, Andy , Director of VIIDC said:


“I am pleased to have signed this Agreement with iBosses and look forward to fostering Vietnamese entrepreneurship through the development of an iBosses Centre here in Vietnam. My team is very excited to have the privilege of working with iBosses on promoting entrepreneurship in Vietnam. I hope to bring the benefits of such a great program to my country and be the enabler to bring about its positive impact to both the younger generation and the small and medium sized enterprises in Vietnam. ”





VIIDC is a company founded by Mr Tang Ngoc Truong An, Andy and Mr Henry Nguyen, two very famous and passionate industry veterans from Vietnam. The mission of VIIDC is to be a

gateway for Vietnam in business of technology, education , entrepreneurship and commerce.



About iBosses


iBosses Corporation Limited is an internationally recognised corporation that is dedicated to inspiring and leading potential entrepreneurs in their pursuit of success through individually-tailored training programs.


With a vision to be the global leading provider of Entrepreneurship Training and Development, iBosses’ services include Entrepreneurship Training, Entrepreneurship Mentorship, Entrepreneurship Licensing and an Entrepreneurship Digital Platform. These services are intended to nurture, groom and grow successful entrepreneurs via iBosses Global Platform.


Established in 2014, iBosses Corporation Limited is based in Australia, and has expanded to include multiple centres located in Singapore (iBosses Private Limited), Hong Kong (iBosses Hong Kong Limited) and Malaysia (YES Academy Licensee). iBosses has been registered as a member of the Franchising and Licensing Association (Singapore) – FLA Singapore – iBosses.

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