iBosses Pte Ltd | iBosses IPO Roadshow at Phillip Capital Investment Centre
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iBosses IPO Roadshow at Phillip Capital Investment Centre

On 25th August 2015 and 5th September 2015, iBosses held 2 IPO Roadshow at Phillip Capital Investment Centre. This is the opportunity where potential investors meet up with iBosses to know more about the current progress, future plans and potentials in joining the IPO journey with iBosses.


During the roadshow, Dr Patrick Khor and Mr Kingsley Peh shares with the investors on the current progress and the reason for moving on towards IPO. The investors also get to meet up with our non-executive director, Mr Steven Lau, to know more on the prospects of undergoing the IPO journey with iBosses. Investors also get to meet our staffs to have a better idea in making their investments with iBosses for the future development.



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