iBosses Pte Ltd | Invitation for iBosses Seminars in Hong Kong 2015
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Invitation for iBosses Seminars in Hong Kong 2015

Dr Patrick Khor and Mr Kingsley Peh from iBosses were privileged to be invited as Keynote speakers for the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, also known as HKUST for the esteemed event: ‘Turn Your Passion Into Success – Insights and Technical Know-how on Entrepreneurship’ E-Week@HKUST Entrepreneurship Centre in March 2015. iBosses was also requested to conduct a similar conference to the Student Affairs Office at the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIED) in March 2015, on the topic of Entrepreneurship Training, ‘Turn Your Passion Into Success’.


These events have provided the students from the two prominent institutions with a propitious opportunity to gain a deeper understanding about Generation Y entrepreneurship, and valuable insights from both Dr Khor and Mr Peh from the sharing of their personal entrepreneurship experiences.



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