iBosses Pte Ltd | Pioneers of Entrepreneurship: SG50 [ 13-16 Oct 2015 ]
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Pioneers of Entrepreneurship: SG50 [ 13-16 Oct 2015 ]

Our Group CEO Dr Patrick Khor has been invited as one of the featured entrepreneurs for the “Pioneers of Entrepreneurship: SG50”.


In celebration of Singapore’s 50th Birthday, there will be a Common Purpose-SG50 Young Leaders Programme from the 13 – 16 October. Supported by the SG50 Celebration Fund, this four day experiential leadership programme is aimed at 100 pre-university students from the Junior Colleges, Polytechnics and IB programmes in Singapore. The programme will be focused on the core themes of themes of: Identity, Leadership, Technology and Change and will be structured around a challenge: ‘HOW DO THE YOUNG LEADERS OF SINGAPORE, KICK START THEIR 50 YEAR LEGACY?’ . The participants will discuss and generate ideas to tackle it, with an end goal to execute these ideas!


With Dr. Patrick Khor’s experience in the mentoring budding entrepreneurs and even social entrepreneurs, Dr. Patrick Khor will provide the participants valuable advice and suggestions as a panel at the elevated pitch session. This panel session will take place on the final day of the programme 16 October 2 – 4 pm.


Additionally, iBosses is invited to host a visit, to help the students understand what it takes to become a successful start-up, even as it begins in Singapore, and also iBosses’s take on the challenge they need to tackle. The visit session will take place on the second day of the programme 14 October 2 – 3.30pm.

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